Parents FAQ

Q (1) – How can my child clear his/ her doubts instantly during the live classes ?

Answer – In live class, you will interact with two teachers . One teacher will teach you concepts and other teacher will pay attentions to individual students’s need to make the session interactive and engaging.  

Q (2) – What should my child do if my child has any doubt in pre – recorded courses ?

Answer –  You can solve your doubt by interacting with your child through chat box and mail.

Q (3) –  Will you provide a free trial class to my child of pre recorded? 

Answer – In Pre- recorded classes, trail class will be already provided to you. However, in live classes,  you will be provided with the  trail class of 20-25 minutes.

Q (4) – Will the teacher also help with my child’s school homework ?

Answer – Definitely,  if your student’s school homework is similar with the course which is taken by him/her from MWCedu and he/she has any problem with their homework can discuss with their instructor . our experts will help your child with their homework.

Q (5) – Will you provide study material to my child ?

Answer – Yes, we will provide  assignment and study material to you. In live classes , we will give you written notes of live class. You will get study material in the form of pdf or your instructor will provide link which you can use to download study related  material. 

Q (6) – How will MWCedu be beneficial for my child ?

Answer – MWCedu is a unique platform which procides open education, we are providing live and pre recorded classes. Apart from that, we have a courses of job preparation for students.  Open study, live = recorded, carrer, job promotion international growthThis extraordinary platforms not only is beneficial for your child’s  growth but also assist the m to gain new skills. Thre are numerous courses which are not provided bt other platforms but MWCedu providing various  kinds of courses.

Q (7) – How can I track my child’s progress ? 

Answer – In live classes, there is a feature which will monitor your student’s attendence and proformance where  you can chcek your child’s progress with the usage of that feature. proformance, red light b provide 

It will be totally depend upon the kind  of course which is taken by you. If you will not satisfied with your.  However, in pre-recorded courses you cannot monitor your child’s progress. 

Q (8) – How does MWCedu help my students to gain new skills ? 

Answer – There are various courses which assist student’s to gain new skills. On a very low price, we are giving opportunity to learn.  

Q (9) – Can my children join live classes even if he/she is enrolled in a pre-recorded course ?

A- Yes, they can join live classes although they are already a student of pre recorded course. For example, if any student already enrolled in Phython but he/she is interested in live classes. So, they can join live classes as well. 

Q (10) –  Can my child join two pre – recorded courses at the same time ?

Answer- ofcourse, your child can take multiple courses.

Q (11) –  Do  my child have to be online at a specific time to take a LIVE class ?

Answer  – Well, in live classes, teacher will send you a notification that when they want to attend your live class. If there is any technical problem, your live classes time should be changed and will be conducted by your instructor at any another time. 

Q (12) –  What kind of  courses can my child  learn on MWCedu ?

Answer – Your child can find variety of courses at MWCedu. For example, live classes, pre – recorded  classes, job preparation classes, Government Exam preparation courses etc. 

Q (13) –  Will my child interact with his/her tutor face-to-face in a pre- recorded course?

A – No, you child cannot interact face to face with his/her instructor in a pre- recorded courses because all the courses will be in a written form and your child havve to read that course which is bought by him/her. Your child can discuss his doubt with instructor through email, comment section or  no, email, comment section by personally interact his teacher but will not talk with his teacher face – to- face.

Q (14) – Will MWCedu  provide  a certificate to my children after the completion of  course ? 

Answer – Yes, MWCedu will provide a certificate to your child. This certificate can be issued by your course instructor or directly from MWCedu.

Q (15) – Will the selected course be easy to understand for my child ?

Answer – Definitely, your child will learn with simple and easy methods and will not face any trouble while learning.

Q (16) – Will my student learn from expert instructors ?

Answer – Yes, all the instructors of MWCedu are experts of their fields  and skilled. 

Q (17) –  Can my child  access the course from a mobile device ?

Answer – Yes , your child can access course from their mobile phone, laptop and computer. 

Q (18) – Can my child join a live class without internet connection ?

Answer- No, it i not possible to join live classes without internet. You must have a good internet connection. 

Q (19) –  Can my child join live classes on his mobile device ?

Answer – Definitely, your child can join live classes either on laptop or mobile phone.

Q (20) –  Does MWcedu  give homework help to my child ?

Answer – yes.

Q (21) – Can my child change his tutor if he/she dont like the teaching methods of the instructor ?

A – yes, in live class if you will be satisfied with the way of learning of your teacher, then you will have chance to learn from other instructor.

Q (22) – If my child misses live class because of any problem, is it possible to attend the next day ?

A – Eventhough, your instructor will give you a specific time to join live class but if you will miss live class because of any reason, you can ask your tutor and they will provide time when they will conduct  your live class. 

Q (23) – Do you provide any free course to my child ?

Answer – Ofcourse, there are numerous courses which are free on our portal. If your child want to enrol in any free course, they can join.

Q (24) – can my student learn courses in hindi and english ?

 Answer – No doubt, we are providing courses in english and hindi languages. Therefore, your child can take course in hindi or english language. Out of these two languages,  in language which they can understand better, that laguage will be good for them to choose.

Q (25) – Why can my child choose to learn from MWcedu ?

Answer – The inventional and interactive platform is useful for the students. We have a pool of subject and domain experts, who provide knowledge gaining sessions on our platform. Now, students will not be restricted from the knowledge gaining, but they will be benefited with our support system. We started with our courses and lecture series in Technology. But now, we have established ourselves according to the demand of the era, and are into various IT enabled technologies like Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, etc. Also, we are dealing into various domains like Business, Photography, Lifestyle, Marketing, Personality Development, Office Productivity, Health and Fitness, Music, Teaching and Academics, etc.

We are providing numerous benefits to students which are mentioned below.

1) Continuous Assessment of students

2)    Lectures according to the pace

3)    Personalised coaching

4)    Interactive pedagogy

5)    Real Time Learning

6)    Modernised concepts of educating

7)    Interdisciplinary model of education

8)    Freedom of selecting course

9)    Uniquely skill identification

Q (26) – Can my child Join music classes on MWCedu ?

Answer  – yes, there is availability of music classes. Also, We have a live Classes of music.

Q (27) – Is there a time limit on MWcedu courses?

Answer – Students have lifetime access of their course.  

Q (28) – Where can my child obtain study material ?

A – You child can get study material through mail or in live classes their teacher can share link them that. With the help of that link, they can download study material.  

Q (29) – Can I help my child to learn his/her course ?

Answer –  Definitely, if your child face any kind of problem to understand any concept after instructor you can help them. sometimes , students understand more quickly when their parents help them in learning.

Q (30) –  What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios ?

Answer – There are different groups of students. There will be 5-10 students in one group. Company select that how many students will  be in one class. Also, it will be depend upon your course which is choosed by you .  

Q (31) – Can Class size can really affect the quality of education.

Answer – No, class size will not affect the quality of education because teacher will provide equal attention on every child and quality will be same. 

Q (32) –  Do you offer any extracurricular activities ?

Answer – Yes, we are offering extracurricular activities according to your course. For example, if you enrolled in spoken english course, then  we are providing vocab games and many more but it is depend upon kind of your course.    

Q (33) – Will MWCedu conduct any parent- teacher meeting ?

Answer – yes , in every month we will conduct parent-teacher meeting in which parents can get infirmation about their child’s progress, their mistakes and how to improve  mistakes of their chil. If we will not notice any kind of changes in the performance of your child, then we can conduct parent-teacher meeting on any day.

Q (34) – Is it compulsory for me to sit with my child during his live class ?

Answer – No, it is not compulsory but if you want you can sit with your child during his/her class. If your child is not mature or want some time to understand any concept. Therefore, you can understand concepts and then can help your child to clear his/her doubts.

Q (35) – Will the pre – recorded courses be beneficial for my child ?

Answer – Yes, these courses are time and money saving. You child can learn at any time after enrollment.  There is no need to go outside from home to learn. They can grasp new skills from the comfort of your home.

Q (36) – How many hours do you expect my kids to spend on live class each day and each week?

Answer – it is depend upon tutor that how many time they want to teach. Every course has different lectures and different time duration. 

Q (37) – How often do instructors will provide feedback to my child about his/her progress ?

Answer  – on every weekends, we conduct test to check what your child  have learnt from monday to friday and what is the level of your child. After test, will will provide proper feedback about mistakes, how to improve mistakes and motivate them to increase their learning level. 

Q (38) – Are teachers of MWcedu considered highly qualified?

Answer – No, quality matters instead of high qualification. 

Q (39) – Have teachers of MWCedu received training on how to teach students who learn and think differently in an online session ?

Answer  – No, all the instructors of MWCedu are already experienced. They already know how to maintain class, how to schedule syllabus, how to provide feedback to students and how to clear their doubts. 

Q (40) – How to solve a child’s assignments and other doubts ?

Answer  – in live class, there is availability of one doubt solver teacher who will clear doubt related with assignments and other doubts whereas in pre-recorded classes, you can clear your doubt by discussing with your instructor in chat box or through mail.  

Q (41) –  How is online tutoring different from face-to-face tutoring?

Answer – Online tutoring is done over the Internet from the comfort of your home. It involves no travelling either by the student or the tutor. During an online tutoring session, the student and the tutor will be able to interact with each other using voice, live chat and a shared whiteboard. The student will have a personalised, high-quality, interesting and effective learning experience with our qualified and experienced tutor. Online tutoring is less expensive and more convenient compared in comparison to face-to-face tutoring.

Q (42) – Is MWcedu good for our child’s better career ? How ?

Answer – we are providing quality education to your child which make your child skilled. They can teach others in the future and can earn good salary.MWCedu Portal not only helps to save time, but also save money, which can be spent on other priorities . Our Online education enables  the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits their agenda. As a result, using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there’s no need to give anything up. Studying online teaches you vital time management skills which makes students finding a good work-study balance easier.

Q (43) – Which type of education services MWCedu provides to my child ?

Answer – We are providing live classes, pre- recorded classes, study material, webinars, assignments, welcome kit to student. In a space as vast and wide as the internet, there are infinite skills and subjects to learn on MWCedu.

Q (44) – Do you  have the same tutor for each course?

Answer – Every effort is made to provide you the different  tutor for different course. We have different teacher for all classes.  

Q (45) – In a typical month, how many hours will be devoted to live classes?

Answer  – All courses have different hours. If there is any extra activity include the hours may be different. 

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