Instructors FAQ

Instructors FAQ

Question (1) – When will I receive payment for my course from MWCedu?
Answer – Payment is going to be made within 45 days of the top of the month during
which (a) we receive the fee of the course or (b) The relevant course consumption

Question (2) – Can someone with no prior experience in online teaching still
consider applying at MWCedu?
Answer – yes, any skilled instructor can join MWCedu even if they don’t have any prior

Question (3) – What are the benefits of joining as an instructor at MWcedu?
Answer – The biggest benefit is that instructors can earn good money. Apart from it,
they will be able to get some health benefits but with some conditions.

Question (4) – What is unique about the MWCedu portal?
Answer – You can find numerous courses on MWCedu which not only helps you to enhance your skills but gives you an opportunity to make your career better.

Question (5)- What is a demo video?
Answer – Demo videos are a compelling way to communicate the value of your
course to learners. In live class, you have to show your teaching skills and
your way of teaching to learners. However, in Pre – recorded classes, you
have to provide one free class to learners. So that they can judge your
teaching level and join your other classes.

Question (6) – What is the duration of a free course or paid course?
Answer – The duration will depend upon lectures of your course. Free life
Min.paid course 1 year

Question (7) – How many days will the course be live?
Answer – The IT Courses will have a fixed duration. However, for other classes
the duration will depend upon the kind of course which is chosen by students. As an instructor, you have to instruct students how many days your course will be

Question (8)- Can I use a mobile phone or laptop to take a class?
Answer – Definitely, you can use your personal mobile device or laptop to take the
lecture of students.

Question (9) – Is it possible to offer any laptop equipment from the company
side or arrange by teacherselfly?
Answer – No, the company will only provide T-shirts, ties and dairy but laptop
equipment will be arranged by teacherselfly.

Question (10) – Is it possible for a teacher to choose own topic to upload or a
company to provide?
Answer – Firstly, the company will conduct an interview of the instructor and check the eligibility of the course. Then, if the course is suitable they can upload that course on the MWCedu portal.

Question (11) – Are there any specific terms and conditions to join as an
Answer – *You have to provide and maintain accurate account information
* Your content should not be contravene or not appropriate any third
party’s cognitive property rights;
* You should have the required qualifications, accreditation and
expertise (including education, knowledge, skill sets, and training) to
* You will make certain a quality of service that coincides with the
standards of the industry and instruction services in general.
You warrant that you will not:
*Don’t post or transmit any unprompted or unauthorised advertising,
promotional materials, junk mail, spam, or any other form of
approach(commercial or otherwise) via services or to any user

*Don’t Use your services for business other than providing guidance,
teaching, and instructional services to students
*Don’t Take part in any activity that would require us to obtain licences
from or pay royalties to any third party, including the need to pay
royalties for the performance of a musical work or sound
*Don’t Frame or immerse the Services
*Don’t Imitate another person or gain unauthorised access to another
person’s account
*Don’t Inhibit with or otherwise prevent other instructors from providing
their services or courses
*Don’t Mistreat MWC EDU resources, including support services.

Question (12) – Can I upload my paid course on Youtube or another platform
free of cost ?
Answer – No, cannot upload the same course on any other platform. However, you
can share the link of your course on other platforms.

Question (13)- What is the payment or salary structure for recorded video
lectures and live classes ?
Answer – live hourly, recorded sale of course . own 95% , company 40 % company
and affiliate 10 % In pre – recorded classes, you will earn online and for live
classes old content

Question (14) – Does MWCedu offer any promotional programs ?
Answer – MWCedu offers various optional marketing programs, in which you can
participate, as detailed in Our Promotions Policy. These programs can help
you to increase your Revenue Potential.There is no up-front cost to participate in
these programs, and you will modify your participation status at any time.

Question (15) – in which mode can I accept payment from the company ?
Answer – you can accept payment in all kinds of online mode from the company.

Question (16) – Can I offer any discount about my course or only the company
will decide ?

Answer – In pre – recorded courses you can offer a discount on your course
whereas in live classes company will offer discount on your course.

Question (17) – How much amount can I earn in a month?
Answer – in pre – recorded classes, instructors can earn unlimited money. In
contrast, they can earn from 1 lakh – 1.5 lakh in live classes.

Question (18)- Is it possible to promote the course by self or company kindly
brief it?
Answer – instructor, company and affiliate will promote the courses. If company
will promote course all profit goes to company, if instructor will promote course,
instructor will get 95% profit and if affiliate will promote course, then they will get
25% profit.

Question (19) – When I upload a course after how much time will I start earning
in pre recorded classes?
Answer – in pre recorded classes, you will start earning when a student will enrol
in your course. On the other hand, in live classes the company will hire you and
when the student batch will be started.

Question (20) – Is there any monthly or annually subscription plan for being an
instructor ?
Answer – No, there is no monthly or annually subscription plan for being an

Question (21) – In which languages teachers can upload their courses?
Answer – We allow instructors to teach in english and hindi language.

Question (22) – Can instructors use their own logo for uploading courses or not?
Answer – No, instructors cannot use their own logo. They have to use the
company’s logo because Company restricts them from using their own logo.

Question (23) – Can I converse directly with my students?
Answer – There are enormous ways for you to converse directly with your
learners. You may generate educational announcements or Promotional Emails,
send direct texts, or engage with learners in your courses forum.

Question (24) – What are the tutoring hours for live classes?
Answer – Flexible working hours refers to the schedule which allows employees
to start and finish their work day when they want. This means that employees can

come to work earlier or later than the set time. MWCedu is providing an
excellent platform for the experts to work in a flexible schedule. There is no
barrier of a set or particular timings to earn.

Question (25) – How many students can I enrol in my courses?
Answer – There is no limit of students to enrol. You can enrol students according
to how many students you can teach.

Question (26) – Can I welcome students after enrolling in my course?
Answer – Once a new student is enrolled into your course, you can send them a
greeting and congratulations message, to welcome them formally to the course.
These can be sent at the start of the course and after the completion of the
course to congratulate and appreciate the student’s efforts.

Question (27) – If my course was free in the beginning, can i change my free
course into paid?
Answer- Changing the course from free to paid While trainers may change the
course price at any time, a course may change from free to paid, or after it is
published, then back to free. The course promotion announcement would be
permanently disabled. Courses that you charge for on MWCedu may not be
offered for free off of MWCedu.

Question (28) – Can I send a response to a student’s review ?
Answer – Yes, you are allowed to respond about a review which was given to you
by your students. The visible instructors including the core instructors and
course owners only will be able to respond to the reviews.

Question (29) – Do I have a need for experience to work as an instructor at
MWCEDu portal ?
Answer – No, you don’t need any experience to work as an instructor of MWcedu.

Question (30) – What qualification do i need to be an instructor of MWCEdu portal ?
Answer – if you are a skilled person and able to teach others, you can be an
instructor of MWCedu portal.

Question (31) – What should i do if no student enrols in the course?
Answer – There are lots of solutions to it. Firstly, try to provide quality to aspirants
because more and more learners love to interact with you and will enrol into your

courses if they will find a quality in what you offer to them. Apart from it, give a
discount on your course fee. Therefore, learners will like to enrol in your course.

Question (32) – What guidelines are followed to write the effect lines of the
subject for promotional or announcement emails?
Answer – 1. Keep it concise or short.
2. Do not write in all capital letters.
3. Avoid phrases or exclamation marks.
4. Consider framing the line of the subject as questions to construct curiosity.
5. Avoid utilising the same lines of subject multitudinous times. So use different
new lines.

Question (33) – What are the ages and levels of the learners?
Answer – There is no age limit and no levels are set to learn. So anyone
can learn who is keen interest to gain new skills and enhance their

Question (34) – Am i required to pay any fee before joining as an
instructor on MWCedu?
Answer – No, the company will not receive any single rupee from you to
make you an instructor of MWCedu.

Question (35)- Can I promote a specific course?
Answer – Yes, you can promote as many courses as you want or you
can choose a specific course. You can use the techno savvy deep
linking tool to create an affiliate link for a particular course you want to
promote. A deep link is like any other affiliate link except that it goes to a
page on of your choosing.

Question (36) – How and when MWCedu will pay me ?
Answer – For us to pay you in a timely manner, you want to own a
PayPal or Payoneer account in good standing and must keep us
informed of the right email related to your account. You agree that we
have the proper to withhold appropriate taxes from your payments. We
reserve the proper to withhold payments or impose other penalties if
we don’t to receive proper identifying information or tax documentation
from you. You understand and agree that you simply are ultimately liable for any taxes on your income. Depending on the applicable revenue share model, payment is going to be made within 45 days of the end of the month during which (a) we receive the fee of the course or (b) The relevant course consumption occurred.

Question (37) – what should be the quality of video of course ?
Answer – The video should be of HD quality, 720p or 1080p.Video
should be clear, not fuzzy or blurry, so that students can see you and the
course content easily. Video should not be shaky. It should be well
framed and zoomed in properly. Video should be free of obstacles.

Question (38) – Can I teach more than one course ?
Answer – Yes, you can teach as many courses as you wish.

Question (39) – Are tutors paid weekly? What kind of courses are restricted
on MWCedu?
Answer – Some topics are harmful to students, so MWCedu may not create
some topics in the course or can create only under certain conditions. For
example, Attire and nudity, Sexually contents, Relationship and dating,
Instruction of weapons, Bodily harm and violence, Animals inhumanity Illegal
activities, Misleading content, Inappropriate and sensitive content topic and
languages The content topic for youngsters

Question (40) – What are the skills needed to apply for MWCedu as an
Answer – We want talented and skilled instructors who believe in hard work
and smart work. Also, they teach students with dedication, discipline and
determination and also assist to build confidence in learners. Apart from this,
the instructor should have qualities of a good teacher including skills in
communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience.

Question (41) – What should be the audio quality of course ?
Answer – Your video should not have background noises or buzz (usually
comes from electronic appliances, environmental noises and mike setup
issues). There should be no distracting sound or popping. There should be an
adequate base volume that comes out of both headphone buds.

Question (42) – What if I am not able to teach for the initially committed
Answer – At MWcedu, you teach at your convenient time and/or at a time that
is mutually convenient to you and your students. With the essential tools and
features, you can adjust your availability to teach on MWCedu anytime and be
visible to a pool of students.

Question (43) – Can I remove and private my course?
Answer – Yes, Sometimes instructors do not want to be available for everyone
and want to remove his/her course because they want to enrol students for a
private course. . Also at certain times courses are removed to prevent further
students from joining the course. Closing the enrollment permanently for new
interested candidates can also be a reason to remove courses . For promoting
a current course also, courses are removed. Therefore, instructors can
private, publish or even remove the course to their necessity.

Question (44) – How much time do I need to spare to conduct online
tutoring sessions?
Answer – MWCEDU is a highly flexible platform that will enable you to
teach whenever you can. It all depends on your availability to teach
online. Our teachers spend 4 hours per day on average. However, a
commitment of at least 2 hours per day between 4pm and 10 pm is a

Question (45) – Do I need to Pay anything to enrol as a Teacher?
Answer – No. There is no registration fee to be paid to MWcedu for
enrolling and getting listed as a Teacher.

Question (46) – What are my responsibilities at MWCedu as an
Answer – We expect all our teachers to act as an end-to-end learning
solution provider for the students. In simple words, the teacher
understands the learning requirement of the student, creates the

learning plan for the student, prepares the relevant content required for
the sessions, shares tests and assignments, evaluates them to
understand student progress and provides regular feedback on the same
to students and parents.

Question (47) – Can I teach a course on any topic?
Answer – Yes, you can upload courses on any skill in which you are
qualified and skilled.

Question (48) – Are there any requirements that my course must meet ?
Answer – MWCedu has minimum and suggested quality of courses on
the platform. Our review team is accessible to help you to get your
course ready for students to learn.
A Complete Course should include:
*Your video should be of minimum 30 minutes video content.
*Minimum 5 separate lectures.
*Worthy or valuable educational content.
*HD Video quality (720p or 1080p).
*Audio that comes out should correspond to video.
*Audio quality that is not diverting the students.
*A Complete course alighting page include:
*The image should of high quality image with MWC EDU image
*standards (min.20481152 pixels).
*The course should be well written with Title and Subtitle and also
include applicable or relevant keywords.
*A compact, honest, well written course explanation.

*Course goal should be clear, target students, and requirements that are
easily understandable.
*A reliable or trustworthy instructor Biodata and profile picture.

Question (49) – What approval do i need to get started as an instructor ?
Answer – Firstly, the company will conduct your interview. If you clear
that interview you will be allowed to join as an instructor of MWcedu.

Question (50) – How Does the MWCedu platform protect my Content?
Answer – Yes, Content protection is the fundamental feature of the
MWCedu platform. We assure and look after content protection
meticulously. For course content protection, MWCedu utilises various
methods and follows different steps.

Question (51) – What Guidelines to be followed by me as an Instructor
on CLP?
Answer – There are some necessary guidelines which need to be
followed by the instructor while filling in the information for the Course
Landing Page. From the above information you must have understood
the importance of the course landing page hence, you should go through
the details and guidelines vigilantly and follow them strictly.
*Never put in any promotional or marketing messages
*No coupon codes, vouchers, referral links should be inserted
*No external links for any other information which is not related to the
You can refer to any other course in your course landing page if the
course link which you are mentioning is related to the actual course

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